Facing ADHD Head On


What can coaching do for you?

ADHD coaching is a process driven approach to helping the individual with ADHD develop new methods to working out the issues that they face on a daily basis. For many people with ADHD life is a series of painful events and that means life provides you with some extra challenges that many other people don’t have.

  • staying focused is a challenge
  • managing details is a problem
  • procrastination is a problem
  • relationships can be challenging
  • finding a career that works is hard
  • Time management is a challenge

Do you sometimes feel like a fish out of water?

Coaching for the ADHD individual is one of a many pronged approach to developing a more satisfying life. For some people finding a medication that works is the first step. For some people it is a combination of medications and coaching. For some it is just coaching by itself.

The goal is to develop strategies in a supportive environment that allows the ADHD individual to increase their ability to cope in an increasingly complex world.

Recent studies show that ADHD is increasing in America. With better methods for evaluation the diagnosis for ADHD is showing an increase. Take into account the fact that we are living in a more chaotic world that is filled with a variety of instant distractions and it is easy to see that lack of focus, time management and attention to detail are going to stand out as a problem in all areas of life.

ADHD coaching takes into account the issues the individual is struggling with and through a co-creative process strategies are developed and practiced so that the individual gains confidence and is able to live life more fully. The coaching process provides a set of tools that can be used throughout your life. An ADHD coach is typically trained in the specifics and issues that an ADHD individual faces and can understand their point of view and the challenges they face. Not all coaches know what it is like to walk in the ADHD shoes.

For college students desiring additional support through coaching during one year of their education apply for the Shire Foundation Scholarship program.

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