Career Transition Coaching

Is it time to make a change?  Do you feel like a caged animal in your current profession?   Are you able to use your strengths and talents fully?   Are you in a career that offers you potential for growth, contribution and success?

If you feel your career has reached a peak and there is nowhere but down then it might be time to look at something else to do.  If you feel that when you step foot into your place of work and your energy is being drained from you then you might be ready for a change.

There are two approaches, one involves finding ways to contribute more and adding more value in what you are doing now.   That means approaching each day with the intention of adding more value.   If you know you have reached the end then its time for a change.

What would it feel like to do work that is in alignment with your strengths, values and skills?

What would it be like to feel empowered, motivated, inspired and successful doing the work you love?

If you would like to figure out how to take the next steps, create a plan and put your purpose to the best possible use then you are ready to career transition coaching.


How does career transition coaching work?

If you are making a change from one job to a new one, or you are graduating from college or you have been laid off then you are in the midst of a transition.   For some people a career transition is a difficult period in their life.   It is about losing a part of the past, the certainty of the job, and looking for something new to do in the future.

Career transition coaching includes:
  • Creating a set of goals and objectives
  • Defining interests, strengths and values
  • Determining what careers fit
  • Creating a resume’ and cover letter
  • Developing a job search strategy, networking and using LinkedIn
  • Developing interview skills
  • Developing a post hire plan

Looking for a new career is more than just writing a resume’ and it is more than having a good set of skills.   For many a career includes many emotions that can be turned upside down when a significant change is made.   Coaching helps as much with finding the right career as it does with helping manage the deep emotions that are associated with the change.
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